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Give your cat the ideal litter box experience with the Essentials Bundle. Stop scooping with the Litter-Robot 3 Connect—the self-cleaning litter box that you can remotely monitor and control from the app—plus a 3-year warranty and custom-fit accessories.

Dark cat entering a litter robot using the ramp

Never scoop again

The Litter-Robot automatically separates clumps from clean litter, leaving your cat with a fresh box every time. Just empty the drawer when full!

White cat jumping out of a litter robot

Cleaner paws, cleaner home

With an always-clean bed of litter, you can say goodbye to dirty paws that track litter—or worse—all over the house.

White cat exiting a Litter Robot 3 Connect and stretching

Outstanding odor control

Litter-Robot sifts waste within minutes, and the carbon-filtered, fully enclosed waste drawer helps reduce unpleasant litter box smell.

Two gray cats nose-to-nose with a Litter Robot 3 Connect in the background

Multi-cat friendly

Territorial issues? Not anymore, thanks to constant access to a fresh bed of litter. One Litter-Robot can handle up to four cats.

Gray cat laying on a rug near the litter robot while another cat prepares to enter
Man looking at Litter-Robot 3 Connect app

Smarter connected pet care

Use Litter-Robot with the Whisker app to get notified when the waste drawer is full, view real-time activity and controls, and track kitty’s litter box habits—right from your phone. Never scooping again has never been easier.

Orange cat exiting a litter robot 3 using the ramp

Reduce tracking

The ramp provides a gentle walkway for your cat.

Cat kicking litter into the fence

Contain litter

The fence acts as a barrier for kicked-up litter.

An open waste drawer showing an installed drawer liner

Keep the waste drawer fresh

Get 25 custom-fit liners and three carbon filters.

Outsmart the litter box chore

  • Drawer Full illustration

    Drawer Full Indication

    Get notified when it’s time to empty the waste drawer.

  • Nightlight illustration

    Automatic Night Light

    Guide elderly cats during night time visits.

  • Sleep illustration

    Sleep Mode

    Pause automatic cycling in 8-hour increments.

  • Timer illustration

    Adjustable Cycle Timer

    Choose a 3, 7, or 15 minute delay before cycling begins.

  • Lock illustration

    Control Panel Lockout

    Lock out all button functions on the control panel.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect Features Background


Litter-Robot 3 Connect front tech specs
Litter-Robot 3 Connect side tech specs
  • Power: 15 Volt DC
  • Entryway: 10.25″ x 15.25″
  • Weight: 24lbs.
  • Footprint: 24.25″ x 27″


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