• Circle 0 Automatic Cat Litter Box by Pluto
  • Features a premium scooping cat litter box robot
  • Automatically scoops waste and stores it in 2.5 l waste bin
  • Futuristic round design to fit in every room
  • For cats up to 7 kg / 15 lbs
  • Simple 3-LED status information
  • No complicated settings and buttons

The Circle Zero Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a Premium Auto Cat Litter Box Robot that helps you to always provide a clean litter box for your cat without the hassle of daily manual scooping.

Circle Zero Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Click to Enlarge

With the help of the motion sensor, it automatically cleans waste 7 minutes after your cat has left the robotic litter box.

The patented scoop will rotate twice to rake out and precisely filter out all clumped waste into the separate 2.5 l waste bin located in the rear main body. After, it will rotate backward once to flatten out the litter nicely.


Circle Zero Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Click to Enlarge

The scoop rotates 360° all the way to the bottom. Clumped up litter and turds are filtered and dropped to the back of the unit into the waste container. If the motion sensor detects any movement, it stops rotating instantly and it waits 7 minutes before starting a new safe cleaning cycle.

Circle Zero Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Click to Enlarge

This futuristically designed round litter box does not have any complicated setting buttons. Once you turn on the power button, it will work automatically.

Circle Zero Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Click to Enlarge

Three LED lights inform you of the status at any time: One LED indicates normal operation status, two LEDs light up when your cat is using the Circle Zero. After your cat has left the litter box, the two LEDs are blinking to indicate ongoing cleaning.

Circle Zero Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Click to Enlarge

Finally, three LEDs will alert you that it is time to empty the full waste container. To empty the waste bin simply open the outer shell cover.

Circle Zero is packed with complex tech, and yet simpler to maintain than a traditional litter box. All parts are simple and easy to disassemble and reassemble for easy cleaning and refilling litter. Apart from the motor cover / outer shell base, the Circle Zero litter box can be washed. After cleaning, all parts need to be dried completely.


  • Waits to Scoop: 7 Minutes
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Yes
  • Safety Sensor Auto-Stop: Yes
  • Fits Cats: Up to 15 lbs
  • Multi-Cat: Up to 4 cats
  • Materials: Exterior-ABS resin / Litter Box-Nylon/ SPO- Composite Poly Propylene
  • Battery life (Circle Zero): No battery (Powered by AC adaptor)
  • Wifi/Bluetooth (Circle Zero): None
  • Power requirements: 100-240 V – 50/60 HZ 1.7 A
  • Weight: 11.8 kg / 26 lbs

What’s Included

Circle Zero Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Click to Enlarge

  • 1 x Outer Shell Cover (Top)
  • 1 x Litter Box Lid (Top)
  • 1 x Motor Cover (Top)
  • 1 x Scoop
  • 1 x Shaft
  • 1 x Litter Box Base (Bottom)
  • 1 x Buckle
  • 1 x Screw Cap
  • 1 x Waste Bin
  • 1 x Motor Shaft Connection
  • 1 x Motor Cover (Bottom)
  • 1 x Lamp
  • 1 x Sensor
  • 1 x Outer Shell Base (Bottom)


Circle Zero Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Click to Enlarge



  • Height: 58 cm / 22.8 in
  • Length: 64 cm / 25.1 in
  • Width: 60 cm / 23.6 in
  • Entrance: 28 cm


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